• To unite all coal employees whether covered under CMPS 1998 or excluded due to various reasons on a single platform and fight for enhancement of pension by linking it to consumer price index.

  • To strive for adoption of formula for enhancement of pension with every pay revision of executives, staffs and workers.

  • To impress upon the govt and concerned authorities regarding plight of coal pensioners.

  • To morally and financially support efforts being made by various associations of coal industry employees for enhancement of pension.

  • To work together with all unions, associations which represent serving/retired employees /executives of Indian coal mining industry.

Who are coal pensioners

All those who contribute to the CMPF/CMPS and are eligible for getting pension after retirement and resignation are direct coal Pensioners and those who are dependent on direct pensioners are dependent coal Pensioners and include spouse/sons/daughters/son-in-laws/daughter-in-laws/grandchildren/brothers sisters /parents and others


Coal executives /employees and workers and their family members can join this association by subscribing to its objectives by giving following details.

  • Name of employee

  • Name and relation with employee in case of family member

  • Category--(Serving/Retd)

  • Designation --

  • Employee no--

  • Organisation--

  • Address--

  • Mobile no--

Membership fee

There is no membership fee at present. It will be decided after sufficient no of members join this association.

Social Media

At present, one can join AICPA by visiting facebook group" All India Coal Pensioners' Association" and applying to join this group

For joining the group, clear cut information about the willing members should be visible in their facebook introduction section like employee of CIL/SCCL/Pvt coal companies, designation and contact no.

In case of non-availability of above information, admission to the group will be denied.